295048_10150612857276502_598843931_nWhat is ASAN-NJ?

   We are a group that advocates for New Jersey’s Autistic Community.  ASAN was founded in 2006 to provide a voice in policy and social issues and make sure that Autistic people are represented in matters that impact us.

    Our chapter has:

♦   Advocated for a Statewide Transportation Steering Community to address mobility needs across New Jersey.

♦   Worked with the Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City to promote positive Autism portrayals at their events.

   Begun an effort to promote updated legislation that will improve police training and accountability standards across New Jersey, including the Stephen Komninos Bill.

295048_10150612857276502_598843931_n What do we do?

The New Jersey chapter of ASAN is active in many areas.  We:

    Advocate on behalf of New Jersey’s Autistic Community for inclusive policy that involves us in all stages of the process

    Provide a space where Autistic people can speak out on problems that impact us and find solutions.

♦    Fight for our rights to have a voice in matters that affect Autistic people and our community.

Nothing About Us, Without Us!
Nothing About Us, Without Us!

295048_10150612857276502_598843931_n Is ASAN for me?

Our goal is to be a voice for New Jersey’s Autistic Community and to work with other disabled communities in New Jersey.

If you are Autistic, disabled, or want to support disability rights, you are welcome to ASAN-NJ!

295048_10150612857276502_598843931_n How can I get involved?

We hold meetings on the last/second to last Sunday of each month.

Our next one will be: Panera Bread Clark Commons, Clark NJ on Sunday August 27, 2017 3:00-4:30pmclark-commons-nj

1255 Raritan Rd. Clark NJ 07066

ASAN NJ’s August meetup in Clark will discuss some of our chapter’s options as we transition out of being an ASAN chapter and what direction we should go in the future. We hope to see everyone there!

Chapter Coordinator: Aaron Zisook

Questions?  Send an email

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